"Ah may be "big", but that don’t mean nothin’ once ya meet ‘bigger’"

"…Ah’ll admit that rope tends tah get a good bit ‘a use, too"

"The other Apples don’t care too much about what ah get up to after work, ‘long as it gets done. They’re just fine with me crashin’ in the barn after a long night, and I do tend tah have ‘em."

"Ah was always a curious colt. And one day Ah stumbled on one of mah Mommas special magazines. Ah was mighty startled at first but… Ah couldn’t help lookin’ again…"

((Part 4 or 5!))

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((Part 3 of 5))

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"Ya know, ah used to only be a top…"

((Part 1 of 5!))

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Long Night?


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